I didn't coin that phrase but I added to it - Change your mind; develop a fitter, stronger, healthier way of thinking, and your body will follow.  

I have always believed this to be true and it has been reaffirmed over and over again with each and every person we have helped to succeed in their fitness goals.  

Some people may be intimidated when entering a fitness facility such as CMC Personal Training Studio - with all of the photos of some of the fittest men and women in the world adorning the walls, the weights and equipment.

It is precisely that feeling of intimidation that holds people back and prevents them from embracing the one truth that will allow them to finally have the body they have always wanted and that youthful, healthy, spirited energy that comes with it.  At CMC it all starts with the mind. 

We first seek to educate on what works and what will not work.  It's not mysterious and it's no trade secret - proper exercise coupled with sound nutrition will get you where you want to be. 

The trick lies in determining what is proper exercise and what is sound nutrition and how to apply it to your life in a safe, consistent manner.  

That's where the coaches of CMC come in!  When you train at CMC your success is backed by a staff of true fitness professionals who will all work together towards your success. It's what makes CMC unique.  It's not a gym or a health club concerned with getting as many members as possible.  It's a private studio dedicated to addressing your needs and the staff is made up of fitness professionals who have the knowledge and experience necessary to make your success a reality.

If you would like to learn more about how CMC Personal Training Studio can help you succeed, just follow the menu at the top of the page to request an initial consultation and you are on your way!  A staff member will contact you quickly to answer your questions and set up an appointment.